A public apology to the design community

Hey everyone, spent a great part of the night doing some introspection (yeah seems it has been a while since I did that).

It turns out I just may have become the very thing I despise, an online bully who seems to be shoving his opinions down everyone’s throat.

Yes, I have a deep passion for design and I am passionate about design education and the value of design itself. Alas, it turns out that being heavily opinionated has a negative ripple effect and births an air of toxicity. It also makes me sound like some sort of know it all.

I do not know it all, I mean 70% of the reason I am in design communities is so I can learn, I find out that surrounding my digital space with my passion pushes me to learn daily on design. What I need to figure out right now is to tone down my excitement and opinions in ways that would allow for civil discourse and learning.

I do not wish to make such a beautiful community that I love with all my heart to become plagued with such negativity.

Some of the steps I plan to take are (but not limited to):

  • Toning down the design bants ( Figma won the tool wars already and that’s all the fight I have in me), it turns out the lines become blurry after a while between bants and full-blown useless war.

  • I will only give feedback on designs when asked personally for it and I would prefer a link sent so I can give well-structured feedback by dropping comments on aspects of the design)

  • Shift the bulk of my focus to the design learning communities I am a part of.

  • Give more time to my online IDF family, the daily notes there has been a great source of learning.

  • Moving my design discourse to a place that does not have a character limit.

I love you guys, and I owe it to myself and the community not to become the very monster I hate.

To growth and well-designed life for us all🥂.